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* These presentations are available on CD-ROM from the Center for Watershed Protection's "Publications to Order" page at Watch for other slideshows to be made available later this year.

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About the Slideshows

The Stormwater Slide Shows are descriptive graphic presentations on important aspects of stormwater management with an emphasis on stormwater treatment practices. Since it is important to consider stormwater management within the context of watershed or subwatershed level planning, presentations on the Impacts of Urbanization and the Eight Tools of Watershed Protection have been included to provide a common link between watershed planning and stormwater management practices. In addition, effective watershed planning and stormwater management also means addressing the issue of how growth impacts aquatic resources, so a presentation on Better Site Design has also been incorporated.

It should be noted that this section does not provide a comprehensive coverage of the stormwater management topics found on this website. Instead, the presentations can be used to reinforce some of the subject matter presented elsewhere (particularly within the Manual Builder) and as teaching tools for promoting the design and implementation of effective stormwater management practices.