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What Do You Need in a Local Stormwater Manual?
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What Do You Need In a Local Stormwater Manual?

The stormwater manual guides local engineers so that they can comply with the stormwater requirements prescribed in the local stormwater ordinance. A good manual contains specific guidance on how to select, size, design, construct, and maintain practices at each development site. A typical manual will contain the following elements:

Basic Stormwater Requirements
The manual will typically detail the legal requirements as set forth in the Stormwater Ordinance.

About the Manual Builder

The Manual Builder provides a toolbox for developing a stormwater treatment practice (STP) design manual. It includes STP design and construction criteria and provides schematics and graphics for each practice. It also provides information about maintenance requirements and the typical local review process for STP design and construction. Each manual needs to be customized to meet the needs of the community where it is being applied. As a result, the manual builder does not prescribe one specific set of criteria, but instead presents a series of options for stormwater managers to choose from. Key decision points for the stormwater manager are identified with this symbol: