Miscellaneous Ordinances

The "Miscellaneous Ordinances" section captures ordinances that are important for protection of water resources, but do not fall into the other model ordinance categories listed here. This section includes the following ordinances:

Lake Travis Nonpoint Source Ordinance: This ordinance outlines techniques required to meet nonpoint source goals in Lake Travis, near Austin, TX.

Stormwater Utility Ordinance from Takoma Park, MD: This ordinance provides the legal authority necessary to establish a stormwater utility, and establishes the fee structure to fund it.

Transfer of Development Rights Ordinance from Sarasota, FL: This ordinance allows for the transfer of development rights, in order to direct development to designated areas, while protecting other areas from development.

Golf Course Management Guidelines from Baltimore County, MD:  This guidance document provides information on the proper management of golf courses.

Wetlands and Watercourses Ordinance from Croton-on-Hudson, NY: This ordinance protects wetlands by restricting development and requiring techniques and measures to prevent pollution for development near wetlands.

Forest Conservation Ordinance from Frederick County, MD: This ordinance protects forest resources by restricting the amount of forest that can be cleared on a development site, and requiring tree planting to mitigate site clearing.