Performance Criteria for Urban STP Design

This section outlines performance criteria for five groups of structural water quality stormwater STPs that include ponds, wetlands, infiltration practices, filtering systems and open channels. These criteria represent a series of design features that ensure effective, long-lived practice.

Communities need to decide which performance criteria are voluntary, and which are required. As a starting point for this distinction, this section displays elements that are probably required in bold and italics. In addition, required and voluntary elemants are summarzed in a table that preceeds the performance criteria for each practice.

Each set of STP performance criteria is based on six factors:

Please use these links to performance criteria for:

Please note that the criteria presented here were largely adapted from standards for the Mid-Atlantic. Notes are provided to allow the user to adapt them for a local region. For more information on cold climate design, please consult the Center's 1997 document, "BMP Design Supplement for Cold Climates."