Stormwater Operation & Maintenance Ordinances

A Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Model Ordinance provides language that focuses primarily on the maintenance of STPs, and includes the elements of design, routine maintenance and inspections. Ordinance language regarding the maintenance of erosion control measures would differ slightly, due to the short term nature of these measures. It is important to note that this language would be part of a larger stormwater or erosion and sediment control ordinance, and elements such as the process of applying for a permit would be included in these more comprehensive stormwater ordinances. Areas where additional information would be useful are indicated with the following symbol:

Where you see this symbol, you'll need to make a decision or get more information in order to apply this ordinance to your community.

Some important elements of effective stormwater operation and maintenance ordinance language include identification of a specific entity responsible for long-term maintenance, and reference to regular inspection visits. The ordinance should also address design guidelines that can help ease the maintenance burden and allow for inspection access (see Maintenance Easements).

In addition to an operation and maintenance model ordinance, this section includes example materials from localities around the country: